Choose the right headlamp

Are you going to buy a new headlamp? Maybe it is your first? Or maybe you are just interested in what makes a good headlamp? Anyway, you are in the right place, we are going to guide you through lumen and light spread.

When you are going to buy a new headlamp, it is important that it fulfil your demands. Perhaps you want a powerful light, an ergonomically fit, a lightweight lamp, the possibility to mount on a bike or that it should be extremely durable.


Don’t stay to focus on the number of lumen, this is only a theoretical number that shows how much light an LED can produce at a particular power of one lamp. Unfortunately, the real number of lumen is lower for almost every lamp. Luckily, there is not a big difference between the bigger producers.

Light spread

CobraAt least as relevant is how the light is spread. You don’t want a very bright spot in the middle that makes you dizzy when you move your head. The human eye has a field of sight at almost 90 degrees vertically and about 68 degrees horizontally. That means that you need light in your whole visual field, otherwise you will be dazed by a too bright spot in the middle. A big beam angle helps you to keep a good running position while orienteering or running because you can keep your head straight forward and still the light can reach down to your feet. LEDX uses different kind of lenses to achieve the perfect light beam. For example, Cobra 5500 has a reflector that spread the light almost 80 degrees and a rectangular lens to spread even more horizontally.


A headlamp has to fit your head and be fixed. The lamp should only follow the movements of the head. It should not slide or move up and down in the headgear and the headgear neither should chafe nor be too tight. It should be easy to adjust the size of the headgear if you, for example, wants to use a cap. Moreover, it has to be possible to have a ponytail.

Orienteering, biking or cross-country skiing

Sometimes you want to use your headlamp to something quite different from you intend to when you bought it or you have planned to use it for example both cross-country skiing, mountain biking or orienteering. However, the lamp needs to be flexible, usable in various situations and mountable on other places but your head. Other tips about what you can do with your headlamp are hunting Spanish slugs in the evening, light up your house when the power has gone or use as a bicycle lightning.

Elite active

If you are an elite sportsman or woman or if you just are very serious in your training, evidently you want to have a durable, safe and light weighted headlamp. As an orienteer you don’t want to have too much weight on your head and most importantly, you don’t want to feel heavy.

Our headlamps

LEDX has three eligible headlamp models. At LEDX you can find the lamp that you need and are comfortable in. All lamps are evolved of orienteer in cooperation with other athletes, for example, represents from the cross-country skiing and the mountain biking. For example, the headlamp is placed as tightly as possible to the head to make it stable, our electronic system has an extremely high efficiency (almost 96%) and you can use our headlamps to almost anything.

We would obviously say that our headlamps are the very best, and several tests have come to the same conclusions. Even our first headlamp got 9/10 by testZone and our small new Kaa won best in test in the magazine Utemagasinets. If you want to form your own picture of the headlamp market you can take a look at our light test where is quite obvious which lamp that has the best light!

Do you want to know which of our three models that is best for you? Take a look at the field of applications.