Kaa 1 700

Reserve tank

When the battery is nearly depleted from the higher power settings, it automatically goes down to the lowest effect, as a sort of reserve tank. This will give you light for another 30 min and enough time to get back home or finish an important race.

Temperature protection

The lamp house has a protection for overheating, which steps down power in small steps of about 10% if the temperature of the lamp becomes high. When the temperature drops the power increases again.

Flexible fixtures as accessories

LEDX headlamps and the electronics box (which acts as a light attachment point) can very easily be moved to a helmet, handlebars on a bike or almost anywhere you want with the help of one of our accessories. The various attachments can be placed almost anywhere, placed on a table hung on the wall or a tree. The light can then be very easily moved between locations.

Programmable power levels

All LEDX headlamps (2014), can be reprogrammed to make your own combinations of power settings. When the lamps are delivered, there are three power levels uploaded, 3W, 40% and 100%. These can be changed in combination with an additional power level at 80%. The programming is done in the lamp, by choosing the programming mode.

Battery indicator

A battery indicator in 4 steps is incorporated into the lamp.