An investment in your safety on horseback

Riding in the dark can be a challenge, but with LEDX Lights' high-quality headlamps for riding, you never have to worry about losing visibility or safety. Our headlamps are designed to provide optimal lighting and help riders see in the dark, so they can enjoy their ride without worry. You can also attach the light directly to your riding helmet with a helmet mount.

Our Snok headlamps are a great solution for riders who need powerful and reliable lighting during their ride. With a brightness of up to 2000 lumens and several different light modes, the Snok provides strong and even lighting to help riders navigate in the dark. In addition, the Snok is lightweight and easy to use, with a long battery life of up to 48 hours on the lowest brightness setting.

One of the benefits of a headlamp for riding is that it frees the rider from holding a flashlight or lantern in their hand, providing better stability and control of the horse. Furthermore, our headlamps are designed to withstand harsh conditions, so riders can feel confident that their equipment will last, even in the event of a fall and bad weather.

Last but not least, a headlamp for riding is also a good investment in safety. With a headlamp on their head, riders can avoid dangerous situations and avoid potential accidents. So if you're looking for the perfect headlamp for riding, look no further than Ledx Lights. We have everything you need to light up your rides and keep you and your horse safe and secure in the dark.