Ultra compact and robust lamp
that could be feeded by 12V.

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I think you should check out LEDX Light's new lamp, I tried it during Kåsan and experienced driving in the dark in a completely different way!

Lucas Bergström
European enduro champion

I choose LEDX for their expertise and professionalism in headlamps. Their willingness to develop and improve is reassuring as you always know you have the best.

Albin Elowson
Swedish champion Enduro

When it comes to lighting, Enduro has been relying on Xenon lamps for a long period of time. It was in Finland LEDX Lights in 2013 started introducing Cobra II in Enduro and soon the best riders there started using our lamps. After introducing Cobra 5500 / 6500 it gained ground even in Sweden and after Martin Sundin's third place in Novemberkåsan 2015 using 3 Cobras more and more riders discovered advantages of LEDX Lights lamps. At Novemberkåsan 2017 Albin Elowsson won with a huge margin using Cobra both on his helmet and on MC cover. In the latest years in Finnish Päijänne race most of the top riders have been using Cobra.

Cobra with it's extremely wide beam gives light directly in front of the front wheel and at the same time reaches far out in the eye periphery. This gives a restful light and a feeling that You are riding in the light rather than having a light beam dancing in front of You. The unique combination of lenses at the same time gives a really long light beam without sharp edges. The white light gives a good contrast and enables to ride faster in the dark.

You can easily mount the lamp on Your helmet or on Your MC cover with the help of LEDX Lights lamp mounting. The low weight (just 230 g) reduces tensions in the neck. The lamps are easy to install, just connect it to the battery and switch it on. You can even connect the lamp to the MC battery or voltage regulator using our MC-cable. When feeded from the MC Cobra can easily be programmed to give 100% light directly when it's connected to MC.

Albin Elowson
Age: 26
Club: FMCK Skövde
Bike: FE 350
10th overall at France 6-days in 2017
1st November Run 2017, 2018, 2022
1st at GGN 2018