Here You can find the answers to the most common questions. Don't hesitate to contact us directly on +46 18 67 79 90 or send an e-mail to info@c2safety.com.

Shipping and delivery

Do You ship abroad?
Yes, we do ship abroad. Mainly within Europe.

When do You ship my order?
We have as a goal to ship Your order the same day or the day after at the latest.

What are Your terms of purchase?
You can read our terms here..

About the company

What is LEDX of Sweden?
We are a small passionat manufacturing company in Borås striving to create quality products sustainably. From 1st of January 2020 the company is owned by C2 Vertical Safety AB in Uppsala. Read about our history here..


How long is a battery cable?
Längden på batterikabeln beror på storleken på ditt batteri. Small batteri har en 14cm kabel och medium och large har en 105cm kabel. Kabeln till batterier med LX kontakt (ej Snok) är 60 cm lång.


My LEDX lamp isn't working or isn't functioning as it should, what do I do?
No problems, unfortunately these things happen sometimes! With our onlinetjänst You can create a service order and we will help You!

My LEDX lamp is broken, can You repair it?
We try to repair Your lamp as long as it's possible. The price depends on the scope. Use our onlinetjänst to create a service request.

My glass has some cracks, is it normal?
Cracks in the glass are unusual. We have had a delivery of glass in lower quality and of course we'll help the ones affected. Use our onlinetjänst to create a service request.

Can I buy spare parts?
We don't sell spare parts, we offer You to repair Your lamp instead. Use our onlinetjänst to create a service request.

Why does my lamp switch to a lower effect when I start my engine?
Your lamp isn't programmed for enduro use. Please check the manual for programming.


Hur kan jag kontakta LEDX?
Du hittar all vår kontaktinformation here..