3 year warranty

During the warranty period, LEDX undertakes to be responsible for the product's function. The guarantee does not apply in the event of: accident, negligence, overvoltage / thunder, abnormal use or if you have not followed the care and service instructions. For batteries, a 3-year warranty applies with a deductible of 1/3 of the price for a new battery after 12 months, and 2/3 of the price for a new battery after 24 months.

Be careful with your purchase document, it is your warranty card. Item with warranty defects repaired. If repair is considered unprofitable, the product can be replaced with another product with a corresponding function / performance. For legal persons, only the warranty specified by the manufacturer applies, see product packaging or manual.

3 years claim warrany

According to the Consumer Purchase Law, the claim period for a product is 3 years. In order to invoke the right of a claim, it is you as the customer who must prove that the defect in the product existed at the time of purchase. This should be done within a reasonable time after you noticed or should have noticed the error.


The easiest way to make a complaint is with the help of our complaint form, which you can find here. If the error cannot be remedied in any other way than that you have to send the item back, we will agree on how the return will proceed. We pay for the shipping back to you. Complaints must be made within a reasonable time from the time the error was discovered.

Service warranty

Normal procedure for warranty claims is repair. Normal repair time is 1-2 weeks. If no error is found by our service workshop, inspection fee and return shipping may be charged to you.