LEDX Lights develops professional headlamps for work and industry.

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Industry is characterised by processes that need to be safe and reliable in terms of operation and health and safety. Large sums of money are spent to secure the everyday life of those who work in darkness and spaces where good lighting is a must. Over the years we have received a lot of praise from this professional group and especially from those users who need a large and usable light image, where even the ground directly in front of their feet is illuminated. Snok is a popular helmet light in this target group so you can work with your hands free.

Most commonly, our helmet adapter is attached to the front of a professional helmet and then the cable goes down to the battery that is placed in a pocket or placed in a belt. By using only 20% of e.g. Cobra's maximum performance, a craftsman gets over 8 hours of battery life and about 1500 lumens to use, more than what most lamps provide today. In addition, with a light image that is superior to the market.

For professionals, durable products are a must. A light on a helmet can take a lot of punishment and that is exactly what LEDX Lights lights are designed to withstand. In addition to a very robust basic platform in the electronics and lamp housing, the lamp also sits close to the helmet and thus has a protected existence close to the user and is perceived as well-balanced on the head.