Optimal light scattering that starts at yours
feet and reach as far as you need in all directions.

When you are looking for damaged game, good light is a prerequisite for safe and efficient hunting. It is important to be able to trust your equipment and that the lamp always delivers when needed. With LEDX Lights lamps, you get an optimal light distribution with light that starts at your feet and reaches as far as you need in all directions. Thanks to the high mounting, the light is not reflected in the optics or muffler and you do not have to redirect the lamp when you shoot thanks to the wide light image. Search hunters we talk to say they never want to use anything else after having LEDX Lights. We think it is a very good rating.

Comfort is also important for hunters. Carrying the lamp for an entire hunting session of several hours is not uncommon and then requires a head position that both sits tight on the head and does not remind itself. Our self-designed head position Headgear Pro is developed for just these purposes - good fit for different head shapes and activities and so comfortable that you do not think about it sitting on your head.

Ambassador - Annette Hagen

Which lamp should you choose?

The most common lamp for search is Cobra 6500 X-pand with optimal width but still very long light beam. There are no compromises here and at lower power modes the battery provides up to 85h of light. For those who want an alternative with slightly less weight, Mamba is a good choice. Mamba provides almost as good low beam as Cobra but has a shorter range.

Snok kan också vara ett bra alternativ ifall du önskar att montera lampan på vapnet.

If you want to ensure that your LEDX Lights lamp is always fully charged before the hunting session, complete with our 12V charger and charge the lamp in the car.