Compare LEDX headlamps - Which one is best for you?

Which headlamp should I choose?

The choice of headlamp depends on your specific needs and usage scenarios. To help you make the best choice, it is important that you consider the following factors:

  1. Brightness (lumens): Assess how much light you need for your activities. If you plan to use the headlamp for hiking or climbing at night, a higher lumen rating may be beneficial to give you better visibility at a distance. If you are using it for reading or camping in a tent, a lower lumen rating may work well.
  2. Battery life: Think about how long you need the headlamp to run continuously before you need to recharge or change the batteries. If you are often outside for long periods, a headlamp with a longer battery life may be more suitable.
  3. Comfort and fit: Try to find a headlamp with a comfortable and adjustable strap that fits well around your head. Some headlamps also have adjustable bulbs to allow you to focus the light in an optimal way.
  4. Water resistance: If you plan to use the headlamp in rainy or humid conditions, make sure to choose a headlamp that is water resistant or waterproof to avoid breaking it. All Ledx headlamps are water resistant with an IP65 rating, which means dustproof and splashproof. But should not be fully submerged under water.
  5. Extra features: Some headlamps may offer extra features such as different light modes (e.g. wide beam or spotlight) or the possibility to adjust the brightness.

Finally, the best way to determine which headlamp you should buy is to identify your specific needs, budget and priorities. Think about what activities you will primarily use the headlamp for and what features are most important to you. By using our comparison page, you can see which models fit your criteria and make an informed choice.


Which headlamp is the most powerful?

Our most powerful headlamp is the Cobra G4 with 141 WH battery. It is suitable for those who demand the highest performance and brightness and want the very best.

Which headlamp is the cheapest?

Our lowest priced headlamp is the Snok. It is designed for users who are looking for a simpler option but still need a powerful light with good performance and features. It is ideal for cycling, dog walking and general outdoor activities.

Which one has the best battery life?

Battery life varies depending on brightness and battery capacity, but among our ready-made kits, the Mamba with the 141 Wh battery is the lamp with the best battery life.

What is the best headlamp?

"The 'best' headlamp depends on individual needs and preferences. If you need powerful light and best performance, Cobra may be the best choice for you. If you need a slim but powerful lamp, Snok may be the best option. Mamba can be an intermediate option with a balance between performance and price.

Which headlamp weighs the least?

Our lightest model is the Snok. It is designed with a lighter construction to minimise weight and provide a comfortable user experience even for longer periods.

Which ones have a rechargeable battery?

All Ledx headlamps have a rechargeable battery.