Cross country skiing

LEDX Lights headlamps are used by
some of the world's best cross-country skiers.

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Why feel limited by electric light trails. Why not continue far beyond these and illuminate the tracks yourself. LEDX Lights headlamps give you the feeling of riding in a big bubble of light and without restrictions of darkness. With the wide and at the same time very long light, you will experience that the light is everywhere and even if it wears down quickly, you have full control thanks to the long range. The powerful batteries allow for long workouts and the head stand is designed to provide the best comfort and sits stably on the head, even with a hat underneath.

LEDX Lights lamps are used when training some of the world's best skiers and Vasaloppet skiers, fit perfectly with Nattvasan. The powerful light makes them a perfect partner for skiing far beyond the electric light trails.
Are you going out on a longer round, when the clock is ticking up to 2-3 hours and over? Then program it for optimal battery life and enjoy a useful light image for as long as you need.

How much cold can the lamp and battery withstand? Enough, will be our answer. We have had test persons in some of the coldest places on earth and, among other things, regular visits to Svalbard during the winter have shown Mamba's reliability in severe cold. As long as the battery is protected from extreme cold, LEDX Light's lamps can illuminate life even where the external circumstances are toughest.

Which model shall you choose?

Just like running or orienteering, you need better light when going fast. That's why we recommend choosing a light based on your level and how fast you ride. The Snok can be a good option for beginners or those who don't ride very often, plus you can attach the battery to the main frame. If you are at a higher level, we recommend the Mamba or Cobra which provide long and wide light. Don't forget to order a helmet mount if you go roller skiing in the dark.