LEDX Lights develops ultimate headlamps for exercise and trail running.

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Headlamps are an indispensable tool for runners who train or race in the dark. With a good headlamp, you can see where you're going and avoid obstacles like rocks and roots, while keeping your pace up and focusing on your running technique.

Snok is one of the most reliable and high quality headlamps on the market today. With its highly efficient electronics and long-lasting battery life, Snok is a perfect choice for both short and long runs.

The Snok is made of durable aluminium that protects the electronics inside. It is also lightweight and comfortable to wear on the head. Plus, our headlamps provide an incredible light output that fills almost the entire field of vision, making it easy for runners to navigate in the dark. With a brightness of up to 2000 lumens on the Snok, and as much as 6500 on the Cobra, runners can feel safe and secure when running in the dark.

En av fordelene med våre hodelykter er at batteriet kan bæres på flere forskjellige måter. Løpere kan bruke en forlengelseskabel for å bære batteriet i en ryggsekk, batterivest eller lomme. Dette gjør det mulig for løpere å løpe lengre uten å bekymre seg for at batteriet går tomt midt i treningen. I tillegg kan løpere som trenger lengre batteritid supplere sin Snok med et større batteri som gir opptil 141Wh.

To summarise, Ledx is the ultimate headlamp for trail running, with its high-efficiency electronics, durable construction and great light output. With Ledx, runners can feel safe and secure when training in the dark, allowing them to focus on their training and achieve their training goals.