Night or day, do not let the darkness
restrict you.

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So incredibly impressed with the LEDX lights that provide a perfect glow in the dark, allowing me to roll along as if it were daylight even though darkness has fallen in the forest.

Perfect for me who loves to ride MTB in the forest no matter what season it is.

Pernilla Lantz

When LEDX Lights 2014 launched Mamba, MTB cyclists began to discover our lights. A light and low lamp with a wide light image that fits well on a bicycle helmet was in demand. The fact that LEDX Lights headlights also provide a lot of light does not make things worse.

MTB requires good light in the immediate area and thanks to LEDX Lights using different lenses for optimal distribution, you get it. The two larger models Cobra and Mamba provide light directly at the front wheel and all the way to the periphery, which gives full control even in technically difficult parts. The softly dimmed light is white as daylight and provides good contrast in the terrain.

The lamp is easily mounted on the helmet with our lamp holder for helmet. The lamp can be moved quickly and easily between the helmet and, for example, the headrest with the help of the snap mount. The battery has a long cable that allows you to put it in the back pocket of the cycling jersey, in a liquid system, back harness or in a waist bag. With different battery sizes and several power modes on the lamp, you can get operating time from 1 h 45 min - 85 h.

Pontus Olofsson

My name is Pontus Olofsson, I live in Falun and I am 25 years old. I am a national team active in the mountain bike discipline Enduro which is one of the downhill disciplines that exist in cycling. There I bet on outstanding results in the Swedish Cup and out at the World Cup. The foundation for a good result at an elite level is laid a lot in the winter in the dark and there Cobra is my best friend.

Elina Davidsson

My name is Elina Davidsson, I was born in 2001 and come from Bjursås in Dalarna. When I was 9 years old I started cycling downhill, in 2017 I started at the cycling high school in Falun and since then it has become more and more serious. In 2018, I did my first competition season in enduro and finished in fifth place in the ladies' elite overall.

In 2019, I took home 2 fourth places compared to the ladies' elite times and won the Swedish World Cup qualifier in pump track and then a 28th place at the World Cup. During the 2020 short season, I won a Swedish Championship silver in the U21 class and a win in a cup competition.
In 2021, I have plans to run the Swedish Cup in enduro, which includes a Swedish Championship and a qualifying competition for the World Cup. In addition to this, I will compete in a few more World Cup qualifiers in Europe and a World Cup competition in enduro as well as the Swedish Championships in both downhill and pump track.

I want to compete internationally in both enduro, pump track, dual slalom and more. LEDX Lights will help me in my venture. With their awesome lights, I can maintain high quality training throughout the year, which has previously been difficult during the dark winter months! Now I can add extra workouts with running, cross-country skiing or cycling without the darkness hindering me.

Which model shall you choose?

Above all, the mountain biker needs a wide beam with light directly at the front wheel and in the immediate vicinity. However, the length of the light beam does not have to be extremely long, it is often enough to see to the next bend in the path. Here Mamba fits perfectly, with its low weight it sits perfectly as a helmet light, with the help of our light mount. For MTB, one light on the helmet is usually enough.

However, if you are cycling in an urban environment, you should mount the lamp on the handlebars and angle it slightly downwards, so as not to dazzle fellow road users. Both the handlebar mount and the helmet have a quick mount for the lamp, which means that you can both assemble and disassemble the lamp in a matter of seconds.

Applies to high speed in Åre's downhill track during the evening - well then we recommend Cobra which gives you a lot of light in the immediate area but also a light cone that lasts as far forward as you need.