About us


LEDX products are developed and manufactured in Sweden. This means that our products are of the highest possible quality and thanks to that we provide a 3-year guarantee on the products. Even though the lamps can be used in harsh conditions, they are still very reliable and light and give the user the best possible light.

Ever since we made our first headlamp, we have always strived to be the best. Our focus is on providing our users with the most high-performance and reliable lamps on the market. This has made LEDX the first choice for many athletes and professionals. In fact, it is on the professional side that we get the most new users today.


Ever since we made our first headlamp, we have prioritized the light image on our lamps, the light should be both wide and long. Although our lamps provide an incredible amount of light, the brightness is not everything. The light must be distributed in the right way, softly dimmed with extreme width in the immediate area so as not to be dazzled and with a real length to be able to see details from a distance. The light is rolled out like a carpet, without sharp edges and covers the entire field of view of the eye. We achieve this by combining several different lenses in our lamps, t.o.m. the small Backup light with two LEDs, has different lenses to optimize the light image.


Every time we see an elite athlete use our lights, our self-confidence is strengthened a bit and we understand that we are making something that is a bit special. By letting the members of Team LEDX use the lights, we show the quality of the products and when someone in the Team succeeds in their sport, we become proud to be a small part of their success. Through the members of Team LEDX, we also get the opportunity for feedback to constantly improve our products.

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