LEDX Lights offers the optimal
tool for night orienteering.

LEDX Lights has it's roots in orienteering sports. From the beginning of LEDX Lights we've always strived to create a lamp becoming a top choice for elite orienteer. As they demand powerful and reliable lamps to keep up with the competition, we are happy to see LEDX Lights being one of the most used brands at the big orienteering relays. Especially the best teams and runners are using LEDX Lights lamps. Koovee the winners of Jukola 2016 and IFK Göteborg the winners of both 10-NILA and Jukola 2017, use only Cobra during the night legs.

To succeed in night orienteering it is important to keep the right direction while quickly reading the objects in the terrain. It is also important to focus on the essential: orienteering technique. That's why the LEDX Lights lamp gives a really wide and powerful lightbeam illuminating a big area for the athlete to navigate in. The different lenses interact and spread the light through the field of vision without visible edges in the lightbeam. Depending on the model a long distance in front of the runner is illuminated and creates the opportunity for high speed where the terrain allows it.

Naturally the lamps are perfectly mounted on the head thanks to the wellbalanced lamphouse, light weight and the most advanced headgear on the market. An extremely energy efficient electronics together with the high-performance batteries makes the long runs through the night and further possible.

To train orienteering in the dark with a headlamp can help You get better in the daylight. By using a lower effectmode during Your training You can increase the challenge and develop an even better orienteering technique.

IFK Göteborg

Since the win in 10Mila 2015 IFK Göteborg has been dominating mens relay scene in Sweden and in the world. World class runners from northern countries and other successful orienteering nations represent the club today. Besides there are runners known as good relay runners, and night is an important part of that in mens' relays.

The foundation for the competition season's relays and individual championships is build during the winter. For IFK runners this means a lot of training with the headlamps in the evenings. Last couple of years the club has been training and competing with LEDX Lights headlamps. The results show. They have won mens' relay at 10mila four of the five latest years and once Jukola in 2017!


We at NTNUI are proud to announce that we are running for LEDX Lights for the time being and beyond. We are a club from Trondheim run by students from all the parts of Norway. Our runners combine their studies with their orienteering career, and we train and live in a near vicinity from each other. This vicinity creates cohesion and unity, maybe that's why relays are so valued in NTNUI.

Vi har en rik tradisjon med både elite- og breddeorientering, og er blant de største klubbene på 10Mila. Det merkes alltid at vi er tilstede på konkurranser og nå ønsker vi at det sportslige igjen gir like stor oppmerksomhet.

We have seen the raise of elitrunners choosing to move to Trondheim over the last years. With a strong night culture in our club we are sure that with the finnish stronger than before we really will be able to fight until the end. With LEDX Lights in a team we have secured the best possible light quality during the night.

Follow us on our way to the top in 10Mila, Jukola and other competitions in the coming years on social media @NtnuiOrientering

Hu og Hei!

Which model shall you choose?

Orienteering is about seeing where are You heading in the forest in front of You. This could be quite challenging in the daylight. At night for understandable reasons the sight gets close to zero and good lighting is a must, both under your feet and further away. That's why most of the orienteers choose Mamba or Cobra. Mamba works fine for most of the runners, both for training and competition, but if You want the best on the market, You should choose Cobra.

Both Mamba and Cobra gives a very pleasant light on the map, bbecause of X-pand reflector delivering a very wide and soft light not reflected from the plastic bag. Quite important for keeping the focus on map reading.