Mamba 4 000 X-pand Lamp

LEDX Lights
Mamba 4 000 X-pand Lamp

Lamp only, without accessories.

Extremely high light output thanks to highly efficient electronics, 4 LEDs and a large chandelier. Packaged in a compact and rugged aluminium lamp housing.

The lamp housing and electronics are divided into two parts, resulting in a light and well-balanced lamp with the centre of gravity close to the boiler. LEDX Lights lamps in the X-pand generation deliver an almost complete light pattern, thanks to a careful choice of lenses together with a proprietary reflector in higher reflective material. The lamp provides a light image that fills the user's entire field of vision, both vertically and laterally as well as in depth.

The amount of light is balanced so that the user has as much light on the hand when reading a map, for example, as there is in the immediate vicinity from just in front of the feet. This provides a restful light that is pleasing to the eye and increases safety and security in the dark.

Three different power modes are available on delivery; 10, 40 and 100%. Programmable with three additional modes of 3, 20 and 80% as well as the so-called Enduro mode for constant 100% power. Safety monitoring of temperature and automatic regulation of power output in small steps if the lamp overheats.

Possibility to connect to Enduro MX and snowmobile or other external 12 V DC power source together with LEDX Lights protection cables.

Supplied without battery, charger or head stand.

  • Brightness: 4000 lumens
  • Battery life, 72 Wh battery : 1 h 40 min / 55h
  • LED: 4 cree
  • Size: 109x39x29mm
  • Weight: 123 grams
  • Water resistance: IP64
  • Warranty: 3 years

3 095 SEK

10+ i lager

Item number 216-100
Brand LEDX Lights
LEDX modell
  • Mamba X-PAND
Brightness (lumen)
  • Lumen 4000

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