Automatic Charger Mascot 10.8 V 2019

LEDX Lights
Automatic Charger Mascot 10.8 V 2019

Automatic Charger Mascot 10,8 V 2019>.

Automatic quick charger for LEDX Lights Cobra, Mamba and Kaa batteries.

For connection to 110-230V. Automatically regulates the current to the battery. Switches to the maintenance charging when fully charged.

Depending on the battery and charging status, charging takes 3-8 hours.

Not compatible with LEDX Lights Backup batteries.

  • Charging voltage: 10.8 V
  • Current: 2.2 A
  • Weight: 220 g
  • Size: 37x50x124 mm

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Item number 153-4
Brand LEDX Lights
Category Batteries & chargers
  • Accessories
  • LEDX accessories
  • Headlamp accessories
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  • Cobra X-PAND
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