Cobra X-pand G4 Lamp

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Cobra X-pand G4 Lamp

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The Generation 4 Cobra sets the golden standard for high-performance headlamps. It is Ledx's brightest and longest-lasting lamp. The lumen-to-weight ratio puts the G4 lamps in a category of their own.

The hallmark of these lamps is X-pand technology. The proprietary X-pand reflector combined with state-of-the-art optics produces a unique light pattern that is arguably unrivalled by any competitor. Cobra's position, balance and low weight have been carefully designed to provide a comfortable fit. Combined with LEDX HeadGear, Cobra provides outstanding comfort, allowing you to focus on your activity without distraction.

The Generation 4 Cobra is the brightest and longest lasting headlamp available. When used with LEDX batteries, it emits an astonishing 7000 lumens for up to almost 2 hours of continuous operation and has a range of 400 metres at 100% power according to ANSI FL1. Activate the Boost function with a quick double tap, and the Cobra unleashes an impressive 7500 lumens and provides a range of 430 metres according to ANSI FL1.

Weighing just 160g, the Cobra is remarkably light. The balance between power and weight results in a headlamp that excels in all respects.

Visits manual to see full features and instructions.

  • Brightness: 350 - 7000 lumens, Boost: 7500
  • Burning time, 141 Wh battery max/min: 2H / 85H
  • Range 100%/boost power: 400/430 m according to ANSI FL1
  • Battery type: Li-ion
  • Amount of energy: 141 Wh
  • Capacity: 9.8 Ah
  • Voltage: 14.4 V
  • LED: 6 pcs cree
  • Lamp weight: 160 g
  • Battery weight: 745 g
  • Weight lamp + head stand: 227 g
  • Total weight (lamp + head stand + battery): 972 g
  • Water resistance: IP65
  • Warranty: 3 years

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  • Brightness (lumen)
Brightness (lumen)
  • 7000 lumens
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