Headgear Light

LEDX Lights
Headgear Light

Headgear Light

LEDX Lights light headgear consists of a wide elastic headband and a textile strap on top. There´s an attachment for a Small battery (36 Wh, standard för Kaa) at the back. The headgear is stable and well balanced with the lamp in front and the battery at the back. It can easily fit in the pocket when taken of.

Fits perfect for Kaa with 36 Wh Small battery but can carry even Mamba and Cobra. Not suitable for batteries bigger than Medium. The headgear is ergonomically shaped and nicely follows the head.

  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 40 g

305 SEK

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Item number 162-3
Brand LEDX Lights
Category Attachments
  • Headlamp accessories

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