Protection cable 2 lamps, LEDX and XT60 connector

LEDX Lights
Protection cable 2 lamps, LEDX and XT60 connector

Protective cable 2 lamps, LEDX and XT60 connection

Protective cable for connection of up to two LEDX Lights lamps to external energy source, 12V DC. Protects the lamps from high voltage and short circuit. The cable has an open end with plus and minus cables for connection to 12V battery or voltage regulator, voltage must not exceed 15V. 10A fuse shall be used. The other end has LEDX connection and XT60 connection for connecting one or two lamps.

Protective cable shall be used when LEDX Lights lamp is connected to other source than LEDX Lights batteries.

NB, Cobra from 2015 onwards as well as Mamba and Kaa from 2019 onwards can be programmed to automatically switch on to 100% as soon there´s voltage, meaning You don´t need a switch (Enduro mode).

  • Length: 150cm
  • Connection: 1 LEDX female, 1 XT60 female
  • Weight: 200 g

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