Renewal - Trade In

Do you already have a LEDX lamp but want to upgrade to a newer model? Then LEDX Renewal could be something for you! With LEDX Renewal, we give you the opportunity to replace your current LEDX lamp and get a discount when you buy a new one.

In order for you to trade in and receive the full discount, the following below must be fulfilled.

In order for you to trade in and receive the full discount, the following below must be fulfilled.

  • The lamp must be functional* and light up on all diodes.
  • Battery and charger must be included.
  • It must be rinsed and cleaned.

Approved deviations that still give a full trade-in discount according to the points below.

  • Missing or worn headband.
  • Scratches and/or cracks on glass.
  • Scratches on the back cover and/or cooling fins.

If you have a defective lamp, you can exchange it and get a lower trade-in discount. What constitutes a defective lamp can be found in the bulleted list below.

  • Cable break.
  • Defective diodes.
  • Broken connector.
  • Defective battery or missing battery.
  • Defective or missing charger.

What trade-in discount do I get?

Below you will find a list of trade-in discounts and associated discount codes that you use in the checkout when you buy your new LEDX lamp. ATTENTION! If the new lamp you buy costs less than the discount you received, you will not get the difference back.

  • Replacement of LEDX Cobra: 1600 SEK (incl. VAT)
    Code: 'inbytecobra'
  • Replacement of LEDX Mamba: 1000 SEK (incl. VAT)
    Code: 'inbytemamba'
  • Exchange of Snok or Kaa: 700 SEK (incl. VAT)
    Code: 'inbytesnokkaa'
  • Replacement of a defective (non-functioning) lamp: 500 SEK (incl. VAT).
    Code: 'trade-in defect'

Here's how you proceed

  1. Place an order for your new lamp and use the discount code that corresponds to the lamp you are replacing. If you trade in your used Cobra lamp, use the discount code "inbytecobra" in the checkout.
  2. Unpack your new LEDX lamp as well as the accompanying packaging and return shipping slip.
  3. Pack your used LEDX lamp, battery and charger in the packaging you received in the same parcel as your new LEDX lamp and stick the pre-addressed return slip on the outside of the parcel.
  4. Then drop off the package at the nearest post office or service point.
  5. We will then receive your used LEDX lamp, and if you hear nothing from us, it was an approved exchange!

*You as the customer determines whether the lamp is functional and meets the requirements specified in the first point list. But if, after the lamp has been received by us, we discovers that the lamp does not meet these requirements, we can post-debit with an invoice.
*This does not apply to replacement of defective lamps. You can exchange defective lamps for any model you want.

General trade-in conditions: By using the discount code that gives a trade-in discount at the time of purchase of the new LEDX lamp, you also agree that, in the event of non-return of the trade-in lamp, give LEDX the right to additionally charge the received discount after 30 days against an invoice. If the exchanged lamp is not an LEDX lamp or is not the correct model of LEDX lamp, the exchange discount left will also be debited against an invoice. When exchanging in store, the assessment of the lamp is made directly when the lamp is handed in and the exchange discount is deducted from the new LEDX lamp at checkout.