Optimal light cone for increased safety and speed.

Although the snowmobile people discovered the LEDX Lights at about the same time as the Enduro drivers, it was not until 2019 that we got a broad impact in this exciting sport. The requirements are about the same as for the Enduro drivers - very light, robust lamp that can withstand beatings and the ability to connect 12V supply from generator. Today, we are proud of how widespread the use of LEDX Lights lamps is up in the northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Many have been the ones who have discovered the greatness of no longer having to rely on the scooter's own original lights without there being anything better. Much better. With LEDX Lights, you get a completely different experience as details in the immediate area light up more clearly and it is possible to look much further ahead and thus enable better planning of the ride.

Marcus Edlund

With LEDX Lights, I extend the days considerably up in Gällivare, Sweden. That the darkness comes or you have to go out and drive after work no longer matters.

Cobra 6500 X-pand opens up evening driving to a whole new level when darkness goes to daylight and the lamp produces contours that were not thought possible. I sometimes also use Cobra during the day if it is poor visibility or flat light to get contours in a completely different way.

That the LEDX Lights lamp is included in my backpack is a matter of course. It is also a great advantage to be able to drive the lamp from the scooter's 12V system to be able to have good light as long as I drive.

Which model shall you choose?

For Snowmobiles, we mainly recommend Cobra. With an unbeatable wide and long light image and high power, it will work for you both on snowmobile trails and in the forest.

In addition, there is a very robust model that can withstand both rollovers and clattering branches. With our accessories, you choose whether you want to supply the lamp / lamps via battery or from the scooter's 12V system. Turning contact is available, different types of protective cables as well as helmet brackets that fit most snowmobile helmets.

Cobra Spot has also made an impact in the snowmobile world, where the user gets the opportunity to complement the advanced and wide light image that, for example, the Cobra X-pand provides with a lamp that only delivers a narrow light image straight ahead. The best of both worlds simply.