Interview Marcus Edlund

Marcus is a dedicated snowmobiler and photographer and for many a familiar face in the snowmobile world as he is the store manager at MJM Powersports in Gällivare.

Tell us about why snowmobiles are such a big part of your life and what is it that attracts you to scooters?

- Snowmobiles are something you grow up with. You could almost say that snowmobiling in Norrland is a bit of a lifestyle =)

Then there is the feeling of freedom with the snowmobile.

What type of riding do you like best?

- Free riding with a bunch of friends. Then spring in the mountains with the family.

How important is additional lighting to you when driving?

- Lighting is extremely important to me. Being able to go out on a weekday after work and not have that panic about it getting dark when you're out. Then I have also discovered that during the day, especially in flat light, the lamp brings out contours in the snow that makes you dare to go on harder.

Why have you chosen to use LEDX lamps?

- Started looking around at some lighting and landed on the LEDX website. I got very interested in the lamps when I saw that you can operate them directly to a vehicle. Then the choice became easy when one day I can plow with the quad bike and the next day have it on the scooter or go skiing with it.

Which LEDX lamp would you recommend to other snowmobilers?

- I would say for the snowmobile it is mainly Cobra, but Mamba is also amazing.

For all of us who are keen on snowmobiling, how do you start and what should you consider?

- I would say go to your nearest snowmobile dealer and interview them. It is good if you start with the right model. It can be a whole jungle if you don't have a good overview of the models.

It can easily be the wrong snowmobile for your needs.

Finally, what do you want most of all this winter?

- Lots of powder snow in all of Sweden =)

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