Why LEDX Lights?

The perfect headlamp

LEDX Lights is an obvious choice among lots of worlds best athletes. But why has it become so popular and what distinguishes a really good headlamp?

Our story starts with the chase for the perfect headlamp. Our founder and innovator Anders Johansson has always been an orienteer and an outdoor person. He had a vision using high quality materials and advanced technology to create a headlamp able to overcome the ones on the market. A lot of hard work later the first prototype was ready. LEDX Lights was born and not long after the production started the lamps had a success.


We often talk lumens when talking about headlamps and light. But it is more important how the light is spread. Wide light beam at the same time reaching long with a soft transition, no shadows and reflections. Light from LEDX Lights has become a signature, they deliver high effect with a fine adjusted light spreading to minimize eye fatigue and blinding.


When You are active the lamp should follow Your movements. Developing the lamps with the user in focus we created flat and uniquely well balanced lamps with the attachment point near the forehead. Thus they sit stable on the head and manage any type of activity without shaking or bouncing.


No matter the activity lightweight is a priority. We chase the grams in all the products leaving the drawing table. By using high quality and leightweight materials we help You to travel extra long distances and without any discomfort.


All our products are sturdy, no matter if You are an enduro racer, drive a snow scooter in the mountains or are an orienteer. LEDX Lights has proved their performance in extreme conditions such as for example Novemberkåsan, arctic temperatures and industrial mining.


Safety and the adaptability should be on everyone's list when they are dealing with the new technology.

We develop and produce all our headlamps in Sweden to be able to fully controll the quality. Proximity to our suppliers gives short delivery times and it is easy to make adjustments and updates. All the products are carefully tested by hand before the delivery.


We all know how does it feel to have that little chafing grain of sand in Your shoe and the value of a seamless passform.

Our Headgear Pro takes the comfort and the headlamp to a totally new level. Our unique design gives You a comfortable headgear for different headsizes.


LEDX Lights' system of lamps and accessories is modular and most of our products are compatible with each other. You can alternate between different battery sizes, external 12V power supply, mount the lamps on different helmets and so on.


Don't risk to run out of battery when You need it most. Depending on which lamp You choose, LEDX Lights delivers up to 6500 lumens on maximum effect. With our large battery You can have a batterytime of up to 85 hours.