Cobra 6 500 X-pand Enduro Kit Pro

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Cobra 6 500 X-pand Enduro Kit Pro

Cobra 6 500 X-pand Enduro Kit Pro

Enduro kit Pro is a complete professional package with three Cobra lamps designed for Enduro MX riders seeking the optimum light while riding in the dark. Possibility to feed two lamps from the MC battery and one with the LEDX Lights battery. Everything is included, even LEDX Lights slim helmet arch for two lamps.

Cobra delivers extremely powerful light due to highly efficient electronics, 8 LEDs and a large cooling surface. Encapsulated in a compact and durable aluminum lamphouse.

X-pand generation LEDX Lights lamps deliver nearly complete light due to carefully chosen lenses in combination with self-developed reflector. The lamp offers a lighting pattern covering the whole user´s field of vision, both vertically and sideways as well as in depth.

Light beam is well balanced offering good lighting both on user´s hands while for example reading a map, as well as covering everything in the surroundings in front of user´s feet. The light is restful and comfortable for the eye offering safety and security in the dark.

Three different modes are preinstalled – 6, 40 and 100%. It is possible to program three more modes (2, 20 and 80%) as well as so called Enduro mode for constant 100% effect. Temperature monitoring and automatic regulation of the effect in small steps if the lamp gets overheated.


3 x Cobra 6500 X-pand

3 x Large batteries 108 Wh / 10 Ah / 10,8 V

2 x Quick chargers 10,8 V 2,2 A

1 x Helmet mounting

1 x Helmet arch for 2 lamps

1 x Protective cable 150cm, XT60 connection

1 x Extension cord 150cm, XT60 connection

3 x Protective glass Cobra

1 x Padded case


  • Light output: 6500 lumens
  • Burning time, 108 Wh battery: 1 h 40 min / 85h
  • Battery type: Li-ion
  • Rated energy: 108 Wh
  • Capacity: 10 Ah
  • Voltage: 10,8 V
  • Cord length: 105 cm
  • LED: 8 pcs Cree
  • Lamphouse size: 109x59x29mm
  • Battery size: 19x70x164mm
  • Lamp weight: 173 g
  • Battery weight: 500 g
  • Watertightness: IP64
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Article no: 214-8

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