Cobra 5 500 / 6 500


With 5500 lumen the LEDX Cobra sets a new standard for headlamps. It gives more light than most car lights (half and full beam together). New Cobra has 8 pcs LED, Cree XM-L 2, and a newly developed electronic with a uniquely high efficiency. The high efficiency and the increased number of LEDs increases the length of the battery and the amount of light. The new design with large cooling fins allows us to operate the lamp at high power and still keep the temperature under control.

This is the brightest headlamp on the market.

Perfect for harsh environments

LEDX headlamps are very versatile. Cobra is the brightest lamp and can be used for almost everything. It excels in, for example, orienteering, cycling or skiing, and can be fixed to different helmets to be used in, for example, forestry or mining environments. No environment is too tough or too dark, Cobra can handle it!

Optimal spread

The light on the Cobra is not only the strongest – but perhaps most of all – it also provides the optimal spread of light. Our unique lens technique, where we mix different lenses to optimize the light, has been refined and supplemented with an additional wide-angled lens that diffuses the light even more (79 °). Cobra has 4 different lenses which together give the lamp an incredible smooth light pattern that starts almost directly from the feet and extends far ahead. It also spreads the light well to the sides in order to be able to detect objects in the periphery and also extends several hundred meters ahead.

2 hours of battery life

LEDX Cobra comes with 3 different power levels: 6%, 40% and 100%. At the highest power supply the lamp gives a fantastic light for two hours. At 40% it lasts for five hours and at 6%, the light lasts for all of 33 hours.

When the battery is nearly depleted from the higher power settings, it automatically goes down to the lowest effect, as a sort of reserve tank, to give you enough light and time to get back home. At this point the lamp will give light for another hour at 6%.

Additionally, the lamp can be programmed to different combinations of power levels. See functions..

A comfortable headgear

Cobra 5500 is fitted with Headgear Pro which is upgraded with even better fit, especially for those with small heads. The new lamp socket is more ergonomically designed and follows the head very well. The attachment point for the lamp has moved closer to the forehead and is almost directly below the balance point on the lamp house so that the lamp’s weight goes straight down to the fixture and does not tip the weight forward. This, along with the lamp’s low weight, makes the lamp very stable even when running through rough terrain.