Here you will always find the latest and updated manuals for all our headlamps - new and old. If you have any questions about these or need help with physical copies, contact our customer service here.

You can find the Swedish versions here.


Snok 2000 X-pand (2023)


Cobra 6500 X-pand with LX-connector
Cobra 6500 X-pand
Cobra 6500 2017-2018 (Swedish only)


Mamba 4000 X-pand with LX-connector
Mamba 4000 X-pand
Mamba 4000 2017-2018 (Swedish only)

Discontinued models

Snok 2000 X-pand (with LX connector)
Mamba 3500 (Swedish only)
Cobra II_x (Swedish only)
Cobra II (Swedish only)
Cobra II xl (Swedish only)
Kaa 2000 wide 2019
Kaa 2000 2017-2018 (Swedish only)